Our team at Lincoln Legal confidently performs the most thorough and careful work possible to help you achieve the most exceptional result for your unique case. Client satisfaction is a key measure of how we assess our own firm’s performance. As such, please do not hesitate to contact our adept team with any legal queries you may have. Any estimation of costs you may incur, expectations or outcomes of the work will be disclosed to you up-front before you commence so you can decide whether you wish to proceed or not.

Issues tend to arise if there is any misunderstanding so communication must be clear and concise. We had a former client who posted a negative review without a proper basis and she subsequently retracted her comment and provided an apology letter as shown below.

Our team really do wish to achieve the best outcome for you and we take our work very seriously.

If someone is making defamatory claims against you or your business, Lincoln Legal can assist you with removing those claims, obtaining an apology, or even taking the party making such false claims to court.

Feel free to speak to our lawyers at any of our Sydney offices located at Hurstville, Crows Nest and Waterloo. You can also send an online enquiry and our lawyers will contact you as soon as possible.

Disclaimer: The information above is intended to be general information only and it should not be relied upon it as legal advice. If you seek professional advice please feel free to contact the team at Lincoln Legal or make an enquiry.