To Dismiss or Discontinue, that is the Question

When court proceedings are on foot but parties have come to an agreement, would it [...]

Family Law: Appealing the Assessment of Contributions

Generally, a party’s contribution is assessed by considering a party’s financial, non-financial and homemaker or [...]

Binding Financial Agreements – Ambiguous Terms and Provisions

Preparing a binding financial agreement that is going to be effective in protecting your best [...]

Have you been harassed by ‘Groundless Claims’?

Recently, an enquiry was made to our firm seeking advice regarding an incredible statement of [...]

Defamation and Apologies

The internet has made the world more transparent. As such, it is easy to find [...]

Motor Vehicle Accident: Important Things to Remember

You know you need to keep a detail record of the incident but do you [...]

Wills and Suspicious Circumstances

Are you aware if a Will was made in suspcious circumstances? Are you aware what [...]

An ‘Indecent’ Incident

Our team at Lincoln Legal will understand your situation and find the best way to [...]

Building Contract Dispute – Refund of Deposit

Our client signed a building tender for a fix price and paid their deposit. Upon [...]

Taxi Accident – Property Damage

Involved in a motor vehicle accident? Contact one of our lawyers to help defend you.

A Decade Long Fencing Dispute

We successfully helped one of our clients resolve a fencing dispute with their neighbour that [...]

The topic of Interest: Pets

Do you ever wonder what happens to your pet if you separate from your partner [...]

Fencing Dispute

Have you and your neighbour been having a dispute for many years regarding a dividing [...]

Is Your Contract Fair?

Do you know what is in your contract? It is important to know your right [...]

Employer ordered to pay over $400,000 to Employee

Employer contravened Fair Work Act ordered to pay Employee over $400,000.00 for altering employment

Make sure your Will is Valid

A valid Will is paramount to ensure your assets are distributed as per your intention [...]


Wills Wills are documents for the intention of a person (testator/testatrix) on how he/she wishes [...]


Conveyancing Purchasing or selling a property is an incredibly exciting time in your life. Whether [...]

Criminal Matters

Criminal Matters At Lincoln Legal, we firmly advocate for a voice for everyone, especially if [...]

Apprehended & Domestic Violence Orders

Apprehended & Domestic Violence Orders AVOs are a legally binding order that aims to protect [...]

Family Matters

Family Matters We understand that sometimes things don’t work out and it can be an [...]

Building Disputes

Building Disputes Building a new home is something we all dream of. To ensure your [...]

Employment Matters

Employment Matters Being employed opens a wealth of opportunities to individuals and businesses. Employees are [...]

Enduring Guardianship

Enduring Guardianship Enduring Guardianship is similar to that of Power of Attorney in that they [...]


Probate In the event of a loved one’s passing, their estate will be administered by [...]

Letters of Administration

Letters of Administration Letters of Administration achieve the same purpose as a probate but are [...]