A valid Will is paramount to a comprehensive Estate Plan. Without a valid Will, your hard earned assets may not be distributed based on your wishes. Therefore a properly drafted Will provides you not only with a peace of mind, but it will also enable you to achieve what is best for you and your loved ones. 

There are specific legal requirements which must be satisfied to ensure that your Will is valid. By engaging the service of Lincoln Legal we can ensure your Will is accurately prepared.

For example, testators must be of sound mind to have the legal capacity to understand and determine the manner in which they wish to distribute their assets, the number of witnesses required, beneficiaries cannot be a witness to the Will and the use of certain words that may have different meaning in a legal context.

If you have particular concerns or are unsure about whether your Will is prepared correctly, your lawyer will be able to provide you with proper advice and information regarding the requirements under the law. Your lawyer can also propose solutions to ensure your Will is valid.

Although engaging an experienced Wills and Estates Lawyer may seem costly, you must keep in mind that the cost to rectify a mistake often costs more than having the Will prepare properly in the first place. If your Will is found to be invalid, your Estate will be distributed according to the laws of intestacy. This may result in even more costs being spent by your loved ones, in a particularly emotional period.

This is why an experienced Wills and Estates Lawyer can ensure that your Will conforms to legal requirements and is a valid Will.

We strongly encourage you to contact our office to consult our expert staffs on preparing a new Will or reviewing your current Will.

Disclaimer: The information above is intended to be general information only and it should not be relied upon it as legal advice. If you seek professional advice please feel free to contact the team at Lincoln Legal or make an enquiry.